They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, If a picture is worth a thousand words (Well if that’s true) then this motion picture might just leave you speechless.

Introducing for 2020 the PiXiPan™ Smart LED Pixel Panel Tree.

Let your eyes do the talking.

See how VisiDream Partners with Christmas Guys and Light Up The Night Productions to deliver creative ideas, designs and displays right to your door so that you not only look like a hero to your customers…but most importantly…your boss. After all, you did just double his Christmas bonus for this season and in turn, he left a little something extra in your stocking.

We offer many more displays and experiences. Order spots for the 2020 season are limited and quickly filling up. Secure your custom PiXiPan™ Tree or other spectacular display today.

Be a hero to your bottom line.

Josh, Mike & Matt
The VisiDream Team