The MAiZE Inc.




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It has taken lots of practice to perfect our maze creation process… 20 years of it to be exact! Our first maze was created in 1996 with a modified weed whacker and took us three long weeks to complete. With years of experience and thousands of mazes now under our belt, thank goodness it doesn’t take nearly that long anymore! Our process begins with a simple concept that we design path-by-path on a computer. Next, after the corn has begun to grow, we transfer our design to the field and cut the pathways. Our exact process is an art form we’ve tried to perfect over the years, but it essentially comes down to using simple geometry, measurements, and intuition to create the perfect finished maze. By matching points from our computer design with rows in the cornfield , we like to say we are creating the maze in a way that is actually quite similar to a dot-to-dot game on the back of a cereal box!