At SUNDAWG DESIGN, our passion is toys and games.  We develop concepts from idea through production with a mission of creating joy through play.  We’re very happy to introduce HOLIDAY CIRCLE and the BANDIT BALL to the Transworld family!

Holiday Circle is the first ever 4-season playing card deck.  With delightfully illustrated suits of Bunnies, Pumpkins, Turkeys and Santas… this new deck of cards has Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter covered.  Play almost any classic card game and two original new games for hours of family fun! HOLIDAY CIRCLE is in the final stages of production and is available for advance wholesale orders for Halloween 2020.

We created the 3-in-1 BANDIT BALL to add value to a person’s day.  Change Bandit Ball from round to oval to disc by simply wrapping it with an included wristband. The thought that this happy little toy can give kids of all ages a new avenue for physical fun is a big reason the project exists.  The opportunity to give back is another.  Learn more details at

Each of these products has a low retail price point and compact displays will fit easily in stores.

 Please watch our video to have some fun and visit our websites for more information.