With last year being a huge success for us, we are once again Transworld bound! Come check us out in the same location as last year, booth #902. We will be introducing ALL NEW costumes, along with new variants of our existing costumes. If you’re going to Transworld stop by our booth and see the costumes in person. We pair all of our costumes with Immortal Masks, so you can see how they look as complete characters! ***All masks in video can be purchased at Immortal Masks***

Posted by Studio 10-31 Concepts on Friday, January 24, 2020

Our company is a costume company spawning from our haunted attraction. We have been voted best costumes a few times in our area by The Scare Factor and have always been told by our guest that we have movie style costumes that are better than the theme parks in our area! Our company wanted to bring out visions and high quality costumes to the rest of the haunt industry! We make top quality costumes for haunters, cause we know what it takes as haunters!