Scare Innovations manufactures props for your actors and your haunt.

Our top item for actors is our famous Zombie Zapper. A Shock stick that has LED’s and three real arc reactors that generate over 90db+ electrical noise.
All concealed safely behind clear acrylic disks that conducts the light they make. The disks even focus the sound in a circular pattern that keeps your actor from having to hear the full noise level and directs it towards your victims. Our sticks come in 3 sizes 65 inch staff, 36 inch baton and 24 inch baton. They have high capacity batteries that can last all weekend long. The batteries can be re-charged from dead in less that 4 hours with our included rapid charger.

For you Haunt we have Shock Mines, Sound Boxes and Mini Control Box.

The Shock Mines have the same arc reactor as our Zombie Zappers but because the sound is focused the noise is over 112 db. They are very directional.

Our Sound Box has a built in amplifier that plays an ambient sound and another sound that can be triggered by one of our remotes or motion sensors.

Our Mini Control Box is a simple single action programmable controller that can power any 110v/10amp solenoid, motor or lights.

All of our Haunt products are triggered via our propitiatory wireless trigger. They can be tied to your existing controllers or used manually by your actors. Our triggers can fire up 20 devices up to 150 feet away. They have the ability to auto learn items to trigger.

We also have a rechargeable PIR motion sensor that can trigger any of our new products.

The Shock Mines and Sound Box both run on a 5v micro USB connection. They can even be powered via cellphone phone battery pack.

All our products have a two year warranty, all you pay for is shipping.

For the show special this year we offering FREE SHIPPING to the Continental US