Pixel Pro Displays is a professional light programming and sound sync Entertainment Company. We specialize in the delivery of an assortment of premium light solutions and consultancy services that range from fully-customizable sound-sync pixel lighting technology to transparent video walls with infinitely captivating indoor and outdoor applications.

The Pixel Pro Displays team is an experienced group of professionals with the best technical know-how; who are very knowledgeable in the delivery of a wide variety of lighting services. Each project is studied thoroughly, taking into account where, when and what is required – to ensure that the project is executed with the professionalism that characterizes our brand. Pixel Pro Displays can make your commercial or residential animated lighting display get noticed. Our 50 years of light animation experience means we can help you design and program any residential, municipal, or commercial display. Whether you are decorating a home, mall, business front, city park or amusement park, our team is ready to work with you.

The excellent service delivery and unmatched professionalism that we offer explains why Pixel Pro Displays is serving an increasing number of clients across various industries, year after year – thanks to the trust and continued patronage that we enjoy from our loyal customers.

Pixel Pro Displays provides the solutions you need to bring your clients’ animated lighting projects to life. Contact Pixel Pro Displays today and learn how you can build a memorable digital display for your clients – AND increase revenue for your company.