“Aisle 13” at Pittsburgh Poster




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“Aisle 13” @ Pittsburgh Poster – Jump Start Your Attraction…

Aisle 13 @ Pittsburgh Poster manufactures (prints) Graphic Scenes: Rooms, Backdrops, Sets, Illusions for Haunt Attractions, Home Haunts, Amusement Parks, Escape Rooms, Paint Ball, Laser Tag, Dark Rides. We ship everything from single panels, and rooms, to entire attractions.

All panels are printed on outdoor/indoor FLAME RETARDANT, RipStop Strong Polyethylene. Easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to move season-to-season. Roll up to store year after year. Light weight – one pound per 4’x 8′.

“Aisle 13” NEWEST EXCITEMENT: 3-D Time Tunnel (VORTEX) Liners, 3-D Dot Room/Costume Illusion, 3-D Clowns, Succubus, VooDoo (Black Magic), Baron Samedi, Steam Punk, Twilight-Zone-Whirling HypnoScopes (Mesmerize – Hypnotize), PsychoPaths™ (Walk-On 3D illusions), Phantasms, Sugar Skulls, Dia de los Muertos, Que-Line Photo Ops (Selfies – Heads – Without Bodies), Krampus, Demons, Asylum Padded Wall Prints, Merry Scary Christmas/Bad Santa, Erogenous ZoneX Horror, Nun-Witches, Pits of Peril, Windows of Doom, Clown Alley, Zombies, Dolls of Dread, Bates Motel, Corn Maze, Werewolfs, Warlocks, Vampires, Psycho Phobias, Satan/Satanic Rituals, Tesla Room, Fireworks (Indoors with exploding sound FX), Invisible to Visible. Ask about custom designs, special for you. We set the Theme Scene, you add the actors. It is all theater of “Aisle 13” macabre scares. We also have traditional Halloween & Christmas Scenes

Aisle 13 @ Pittsburgh Poster is a Div. of Design Dynamics, Inc. the only manufacturers/printers of DayGlo® Fluorescent Billboard Posters on this entire planet. With our GlowFlex™ PolyPoster™ trademark – get Billboards – Banners – Signs in 3D GlowFlex™. Be NEON brighter than anyone around you. Be seen – a mile away – like never before. Make billboards and banners GlowFlex™ Bright to really work for every dollar you spend. Become a “GlowFlex™ Bright Advertiser”.