Escape the Mineshaft Mini Game – Morbid Entertainment – TransWorld 2020

Good evening Haunt & Escape Room friends! This will be 1 of 3 videos posted by the end of weekend, featuring everything that was debuting at TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show!First up, our Most Popular 10 Minute Mini Escape Game – MINESHAFT – Fully Immersive Adventure Designed for up to 6 Players – 12' L x 8 ' W Room – All Current Mini Games are Perfect Up-Sells with Small Blueprints & Are Also Available as Mobile Escape Rooms in 16' Trailers!Trapped in the abandoned mine tunnels with nothing but rustic lanterns as your source of light to explore, find 3 dynamite sticks to blow your way out of the dead end rock tunnel before the oxygen depletes! Very action packed, interactive gameplay adventure for players including the classic TNT plunger to blow your way out! Game win includes theatrical audio explosion, gun powder scented fog blast and releases hidden rock wall exit door. Fully immersive 2-part room mineshaft environment with accent "power failure" cage lighting, ambient audio, scents, decor, interactive puzzles and one low tech rustic lock/key element that majorly slows down gameplay. Let's just say the canaries may start going crazy in the last minute of the game to warn you oxygen levels are low…Better use those lanterns to find everything you need to escape!*RETAIL: $13,500*SHOW PRICE (valid through 5/1/20) $12,500*LIMITED ORDER AVAILABILITY DUE TO CURRENT WORK LOAD CAPACITY WELL INTO MID SUMMER. CONTACT US TODAY TO DISUSS ANY OTHER MINI GAMES OR TURN KEY 60 MINUTE ADVENTURES & CUSTOM SET DESIGN!Stay tuned, tomorrow evening's release of our action-packed ASYLUM HALL WALK-THRU designed for that perfect addition to any haunted attraction!

Posted by Morbid Entertainment on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Morbid Entertainment is your one stop shop for turn-key haunted attractions and immersive 60 minute escape room adventures! In addition to our set design services, theatrical packages and optional international delivery/installation for complete peace of mind, we also offer the most competitively priced “Mini Escape Room Games” in the industry!
Our current 5-15 minute themed mini escape games are designed for up to 6 players – perfect for an “up-sell” at your escape room or haunted house. With small blue prints, all mini games save space and maximize additional revenue without sacrificing interactive and immersive gameplay! All puzzles and user friendly custom software runs completely OFFLINE and are designed in house. Each mini escape game can also be ordered as a turn-key mobile 7×16 experience, allowing you to generate additional sales at fairs, festivals, corporate rentals, etc year round!
Contact our team today to bring your next idea to life with immersive set work, themed facade entrances or turn-key attractions for your escape room or haunted house! Show pricing valid through 5/1/20 – All Production Mini Escape Games $1,000 OFF retail pricing, All Production Themed Wall Panels/Facades 10% OFF retail pricing.

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