It started in a little town near lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton. Smack dab in the middle of Missouri where the only thing that was scary was the sheer lack of horror and effort put into Halloween. So David and Jennifer strapped on their masks, ground their knuckles to the bones and built a haunt, Zombie Wasteland Haunted House from the ground up including the props in it. David has always been in the art industry and didn’t want anything generic and people loved it. Zombie Wasteland is still running and has grown into what others say is one of the best haunts in mid Missouri. People were seeing the terror that David’s props were creating and wanted one of their own original props. So once again in 2018 David and Jennifer decided to further their passion for fear and created Monsters Alive – masks,props, costumes, and more frightful things for other haunted houses. That is our story and things will only get scarier from here.​

We look forward to the opportunity of adding you to our story and ours to yours!

-Keep it creepy

David & Jennifer