Whats up guys!
Mel Products is a Professional Special FX Makeup company based in Hollywood, CA! We supply just about every major film and television show in production to date!

Products we offer:

MelPAX – Prosthetic Water/Adhesive based Makeup. Great for painting prosthetics or touching up your masks and props.

Peel&Stick Prosthetics! These are revolutionary prosthetics where NO GLUE is required! We have over 60 styles that offer just about every kind of effect you are looking for. These prosthetic pieces can be put on and painting in under 3 minutes!

MelGEL – Prosthetic Transfer Material! Do you want to make your own wounds? Well with MelGEL and Mel Products SOS molds you can do just that! You can make as many as you want with this amazing MelGEL and SOS Molds. We have 4 colors in MelGEL and over 25 Molds!

Tattoo Transfers – Mel Products offers HD realistic Tattoo Transfers that come in 5 styles and more to come! Burn, Cut, Wound, Fight and Zombie sets! Each have 10 Tattoos inside.

Baldcap – Mel Baldcap is the Cadillac of bald caps. There is no other cap that can compete. Its a hybrid vinyl cap that is basically tear proof with incredible stretch, perfect thickness and blends effortlessly with acetone.

PermaBlood – Permablood is a thick blood paste that is great for wounds, clothing, props and more. But be careful. Whatever you get this on, it will stick. Its called Permablood for a reason 🙂