Who is Lord Grimley ?

A twisted monster. A financial genius. An underhanded and decidedly evil megalomaniac. A corpse in an upstairs room. A creepy old crook who won’t let death get in his way. A silent figure of horrible menace. The owner of a number of companies, including Lord Grimley’s Manor, which manufactures and sells Halloween costumes, props, and assorted paraphernalia.

All of these things describe Lord Grimley. He is our leader, our mascot, our tyrannical overlord, our shriveled, evil, little black soul.

He’s our boss, if nothing else, and we fear him like we fear few other things on earth.

Masks and Mischief !

Lord Grimley’s Manor can offer you pretty much anything you might want, from putrid and vile Halloween props to high quality masks , digital decorations and even animatronics! There are few things the talented minions can’t create, (failing that, there’s even fewer things they can’t steal and re-sell elsewhere… keep that under your hat though, ok?).  Ok fine ! Grave-robbing is only a slight problem around the manor house ……


Our Minions are here to serve you ….

The minions, by the way, are the scores of monsters, people, gremlins, muppets, and imaginary creepy-crawlies that infest / work in the Manor. They come in every shape and size and range from harmless cute fuzzy things to bloodthirsty werewolves and conjured demons. It makes for a very interesting Annual Company Picnic.

Usually the first to be offered up to the Hell Pit for minor infractions and missteps, they are there to keep our customers warm and fuzzy at night.  Always available in a pinch to protect your everlasting soul !

If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.