Lights Alive is a manufacturer and value-added reseller of lighting and special effects products. We offer holiday and band/dj/club lighting and special effects products. Our signature product is the FireFly® family of lightning simulators., from the single-channel FF-151 to the triggerable FF-351 with internal audio.

Our ProLight-400 high-power LED light is the only light fixture designed and built specifically for lightning simulation. We’ve revived our 16-channel MonsterEyes as the MonsterEyes II, now with built-in audio tracks and internal amplifier.

The extremely popular miniFLICKER-2+ has five effects in one unit. Also available is the microFLICKER, available in both low-voltage and AC versions. And microFLICKER has been incorporated into a variety of realistic lanterns, to operate on low-voltage DC or on AC, or as a portable battery-powered version with LED illumination. Other products include a flickering “Fauxescent” light, Digital CrossFade, and Digital Strobe. We also offer a variety of audio products and lighting effects to take your haunt to the next level.