Jolt Lighting was founded in the spirit of bringing holiday magic to life for our clients and their businesses. And since 2015, we’ve been building our versatile team and the strategic partnerships to do just that.
We specialize in creating engaging, immersive, and interactive holiday experiences for a wide range of clients including amusement parks, zoos, light parks, decorators, municipalities, museums, racetracks, resorts, outdoor retail centers, and more!

Jolt’s capabilities and products include:

Light Show Design
We help our clients create larger-than-life light show displays with our full-suite of animated, color-changing RGB elements and fixtures, all designed, built and custom-programmed in-house, in our Midwest facility.

Interactive Holiday Fixtures
Our WinterActiv line is double duty holiday décor! A festive and whimsical collection of fixtures that combines iconic Christmas and wintry imagery they each feature a unique, interactive element, too.
These playful pieces work seamlessly with almost any outdoor or indoor holiday display and guests become immersed in the easy-to-learn, fun-to-watch gameplay adding to the feeling of festivity and holiday spirit at your venue! And, they make great photo ops!
Additionally, we can customize graphics on these pieces if your display has a certain theme, or if you’d like to add your business’s branding and logo. They can also be scaled to size to fit the needs of your venue.

Custom Design & Manufacturing
Have a specific idea you’d like to bring to light? Jolt Lighting offers completely custom projects, as well. Our in-house team can provide light show sequencing, graphic, fixture & light show design, manufacturing, and interactive display design. From concept, to execution, to installation, we can help you achieve the perfect holiday lighting solution.

WinterActiv: Interactive Holiday Displays
Chroma Graphix: Completely customizable RGB color-changing fixtures
Light Graphix: LED backlit acrylic fixtures with colorful, UV-printed facades that look great in the day, and illuminate beautifully at night
Accent Lighting: Programmable RGB wash lights and Lanternz
Holiday and Custom Lighting Displays, Fixtures, and Animated Light Shows. Products include a full-suite of modular, color-changing, RGB fixtures and elements that sync to music: Mega Trees, Mini Trees, Arches, Drive-Thru and Walk-Thru Tunnels, Singing Characters (Reindeer, Snowmen, Santa, Elves, Lightbulbs, & Pumpkins).