Entertainment Sciences Group
For over 20 years, Entertainment Sciences Group (ESG) has provided professional technical services to the entertainment industry. Our expertise includes customized hardware/software design and development, information technologies, show/attraction control design (including haunted houses, escape rooms, theme parks and more), onsite installation and customer support. For more information, go to http://www.esginc.biz.
VenueMagic is computer software that will transform your haunted house or escape room into an amazing, high-end production without the high-end price. With VenueMagic, you can easily program and control lights, sound effects, music, video playback and props in haunted houses, escape rooms and many other venues. All using a simple graphical editor similar to what you might use to make a YouTube video. A set of online video tutorials gets you started in no time. More information available at http://www.venuemagic.com.
ShowNodes is hardware that runs VenueMagic shows without the need for a PC computer. It also provides VenueMagic with inputs (for switches, etc…), outputs (for props, animatronics, etc) and PWM (for animatronics). ShowNodes devices can also playback audio and video as programmed into the show. More information at http://www.shownodes.com.