Dual Axels was born shortly after we built our own permanent Axe Throwing location in Tucson, Axe House.
All Dual Axel rigs are built by our staff in Tucson, AZ
Every Trailer can be adjusted for your specific wants & needs
We are here to help, with options like Social Media set-up
Where the people are
The possibilities are endless, this awesome mobile attraction is ready to go where ever you need it to!
Driving distance is the only limit
If there is an event you can drive to, you can take your Dual Axels mobile Axe Throwing rig with you!
Want some ideas?
Just to name a few, events that are perfect for Mobile Axe Throwing include: Fairs, Festivals, Tailgates, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bars or Restaurants, and many more!
Haunted Houses – this a great revenue generator BOTH In Season and Out!

Dual Axels
Dual Axels