Don’t Be A Monster Sixth Annual Charity Auction has been revamped to be completely online AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We are so disappointed that we didn’t get to see all our haunt friends and family at the show in March. However, we are so eager to share all the awesome products and services that have been generously donated to our fundraiser!

Every cloud has a silver lining. This year, the auction will be open to all our supporters who have wanted to get in on the bidding action these past few years!

It’s a win-win: you get a great deal, and we get much needed funding for our national anti-bullying assemblies, all the while maintaining social-distancing!

The Details:

  • Auction begins: Friday April 3, 9am ET
  • Auction ends: Monday April 6, 3pm ET

We will post the link to the auction page at and on all Don’t Be A Monster social media profiles on Friday, April 3 for you to start bidding!

Thank you for supporting Don’t Be A Monster!

Don’t Be A Monster is a national nonprofit that works with Haunted Attractions throughout the United States to put on free anti-bullying assemblies for students in grades 4th-10th. Learn more about our cause at