As a Dental Tech with 16 years previous experience, The creator of Dental Distortions had made many goofy buck teeth and fangs for friends each Halloween. At one point he even thought about starting a mail order business. Unfortunately, like so many of us with a good idea, he just didn’t see it through. It didn’t help that he had people trying to talk him out of it. “No one’s going to pay $50 for a set of fake teeth” they told him. That was back in the 80’s.

Fast forward to 1998. With the ‘fake hillbilly teeth fad’ well under way, he decided to throw his proverbial hat into the ring. He started out like all the other fake tooth companies out there at the time, he made fake hillbilly/redneck teeth. He knew that he wasn’t the first company to do this, but that didn’t stop him, because he was going to be the best!

As a company we quickly saw that the strength of our products was in their design: our products looked REAL. This meant that when you were wearing our stuff the laughter rarely came first! A good friend of ours wore his set into a local magic and joke store to look around, expecting to get a laugh. Instead, the two ladies behind the counter wouldn’t make eye contact with him. Instead they disappeared into the back of the store. As it turns out, people will only laugh at you if they know that your teeth are fake. Back in the day, if you wore one of our original sets of fake teeth (like the Bufford or the Cleftus), instead of people pointing and laughing at you when you walked into the room, it got eerily quiet. And there were mumbles. And stares. Unfortunately and in spite of this unique and very cool effect, the market was already saturated with “Billybob” type fake teeth. We were too late in the market for that style teeth. 

Looking for a different angle (and an area of the market that wasn’t saturated), the company found a niche in the market where we could be competitive- And so began designing and making high-end fangs and monster teeth…. and we haven’t looked back since.

Twenty years later, our FX FANGS have become the flagship product for our company. We were the first to bring high quality upper and lower fangs to the Halloween market, and even though other companies have tried to follow suit, FX Fangs remain the best!! Go ahead, take a look for yourself, if you can even find a company making special effect novelty veneers at this level. No one can match our high level of realism and superior fit.