Cameleon Professional Face & Bodypaint is a line of professional-quality makeup, brushes and cleaners. Both the cakes and airbrush makeup are water-based or water-activated, but don’t let that fool you! Cameleon is quick-drying, yet durable, even in heat and humidity (especially when used with the Cameleon brand fixer. It has been used everywhere from painting faces on a number of major cruise lines all over the world for childrens’ faces, body painters in North Carolina and the World Bodypainting Championships in Austria (the current champion in the brush and Sponge category is a Team Cameleon artist!), face painters around the country and in Haunted Houses from Washington to Puerto Rico, Wisconsin to Texas!

Cameleon features a great selection of solid water-activated cake makeup in a variety brilliant, blendeable, durable colors in several sizes to meet your needs. Cameleonalso has a number of pre-designed palettes for you to choose from, with either 8gr or 10gr cakes, and either six or 12 cake configurations.

Cameleon’s Airline airbrush makeup is suitable for many practical applications from fine art and promotional bodypainting and children’s face painting to FX and haunt industry make-ups. Ready to use out of the bottle, it is gentle and light on the skin on the skin, making it comfortable for actors to wear night after night, but durable and long-lasting. It removes easily with the Cameleon Waterless Makeup Remover and/ or Cameleon Brush and Body Soap.

UV makeup by Cameleon Professional Bodypaint is brilliant, long-lasting makeup that fluoresces true to color. Whether it is used as a neon or for blacklight/uv effects, Cameleon UV makeup will make the look bright and effective without cracking or flaking. Colors can be layered to create Chromadepth and 3D effects.

Cameleon Professional Face and Bodypaint Makeup performs perfectly with blood products, over latex – sealed prosthetics and products like Zombie Skin. Both cake makeup and Airbrush makeup can be used with setting powder and fixer spray to increase durability for areas with high heat and humidity and very active personnel, while still not losing the blendeability, lightness and ease of removal.

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