is today’s premier solution for rusted, corroded and water damaged faux finishes. The Brutal Rust products are used everyday in professional haunted houses, blockbuster movies, television shows, major theme parks and beloved by a growing army of artists and enthusiasts.

From humble beginnings and out of necessity, Brutal Rust was formed. Shayne Torrans, Kirk Fuson and a close group of haunted attraction enthusiasts needed to rust sets and props. The market back in 2011 only had a hand full of products that promised to do the job. The problem with all of the available products was that they were only available in small quantities at a premium price.

The group collectively decided to create their own rust and corrosion solution. With a little science, hard work and innovation, they developed what would become the industry leader in rust and corrosion faux finishes.

Brutal Rust and all of the products created by the company have been used world wide. The products are dependable and deliver quick and easy corrosion for any occasion.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Brutal Rust wheel house of products has grown to include stains (Urban Decay), Sealants (Quarantine), sprinkle on applications (Fallout), slime and mold (Spore) as well as rust delamination chips (Scoria) and an entire clothing and accessories line of merchandise.

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