Boscoyo® Studio is the leader in innovating coro props for the RGB lighting community. Our new facility houses 7 CNC’s that are dedicated to the production of props, making us the largest manufacturer of these props and giving us the capacity to meet the needs of both commercial and residential customers.

Since 2013, Boscoyo® Studio has set the standard to which RGB props are made by being the first company to invent the MegaTree mounting strip that is used around the world. We were the first company to use 10mm coro for mounting RGB lights. Then we started printing on them to create the DayCor™ line of props that look good during the day without lights and then come to life at night. The next evolution of the standard coro prop was to introduce MaXcor™, a reinforced coro that has an X brace inside the flute making it the strongest most durable product on the market.

Our MegaTree line of products are tailored to both the DIYer or the commercial installer. We offer products such as steel toppers, machined bushings, and winch plates that help you build a MegaTree based on the ASAP Sr. pole design. Our new Ultimate RGB Megatree is designed for the commercial display with the ease of installation and time saving process to keep you decorating. The Ultimate RGB MegaTree is a 100% ready to run, 31’ tall, 6,000 pixel Megatree that is available in both UL and non-UL rated versions. This MegaTree can be setup in less than 4 hours with two men and all done from a 6’ ladder. No lift required!

Our in-house design team can custom make virtually anything! From printed photo spots for your guest to enjoy and promote your event to taking existing characters, themes, or iconic features and pixelating them to bring them alive! At Boscoyo® Studio, our job is Illuminating your Imagination!