Atomic Bubbles-JVR Enterprises, LLC


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Dear Friends: Atomic Bubbles is an amazing new brand from the makers of Tekno Bubbles, JVR Enterprises, LLC! We wanted to launch our new product line at TransWorld 2020. Our PROTONIC PAINT SPATTER BUBBLES are just amazing. They come in 7 NEON COLORS and are GLOW UNDER BLACKLIGHT. We also have re-branded all of our other killer bubble products, that JVR Enterprises has marketed over the years, to the Atomic Bubble line. We now offer TEKNO Bubbles, Protionic Paint Bubbles, Bubble Love (our phenomenal daylight bubble fluid specifically designed for commercial machine use!), PHAT Man Bubbles (our incredible BIG Bubble fluid, makes bubble over 20′ long), and Sno-Drift (our machine snow fluids available in daylight and UV Reactive) Most exciting is the launch of our BUBBLE CONCENTRATES! Most all our kick ass fluids are NOW available in, “cheap to ship”, flexible, ready to mix pouches! NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS! Our pouches have premeasured concentrates in them, all you need to do is ADD WATER. They weight just over a 1 pound vs 8.5 pounds for cheap and easy shipping, crazy cool product……..We hope ALL of our Haunt friends and their families have good health! May this Pandemic end soon my friends. Peace and Joy, John V. Reider (Bubble Man)

Our 7 Color Protonic Paint 1oz Sampler Packages will be $20 so ALL can experience these crazy new bubbles. (Limit 4 per customer)
-Larger quantities will be available for stocking stores, please call or email for larger orders!

Please us Promo Code: TW2020 for a 20% Discount on all Bubble Fluids and Concentrate products excludes Party Packages & Accessories.